Tax Investigations

If your business comes under the scrutiny of a HMRC tax investigation, you want PBTA and our many years experience of dealing with HMRC issues in your corner.



Tax Investigation Help

As professional advisers specialising in dealing with tax investigation matters, we will help you in your dealings with the HMRC:

We have many years of experience in assisting with HMRC enquiries, enquires can range from very serious investigations through to enquiries where only a single issue is being questioned by HMRC.

We are also keenly aware of the distress and cost our clients may incur if HMRC launch an enquiry, which is why we offer a Fee Protection Scheme, to cover our additional costs in case an investigation is launched into your operations and/or tax returns.

If you’d like to discuss our Tax Investigation services, simple fill in the form on this page or call: 0117 946 7333.

If you’re already under investigation by HRMC, don’t avoid the issue, contact us right away!.