• Who Are PBTA?

    Pbta is a mixed team of business and tax advisors. Our longest qualified team member has 30 years experience and another 2 with 20 years. Add a couple of trainees and our admin back up and you have our team. We aren’t big though our knowledge and experience means we regular win work from much larger firms.

  • Where Are PBTA Located?

    Pbta is broad based practice in Clifton Bristol. We are on Whiteladies Road giving us good connections across Bristol and the South West. Our clients cover the entire region from South Somerset to Gloucestershire and from South Wales to Wiltshire. We also have some clients from much further afield!

  • What Do PBTA Do?

    We offer a wide range of services depending on what you need. We cover everything from the basic to the complex. Bookkeeping for those who don’t have the time. Payroll including rti submissions for those who prefer someone else to keep on top of the ever more complex legislation. Vat return preparation is a popular choice. Larger clients often want management accounts and regular performance meetings. We prepare projections and reports to assist in financing from banks and others. And of course we do those accounts and the other compliance items which any business needs.

  • Why Use PBTA?

    The aim of any business is to make money for its owners. Our mission is to help you do that. Many accountants are happy to just prepare accounts and tax returns and leave it at that. We want to make sure that you are doing the bit which is important to you, making your clients happy, leaving the financials to us. We advise on the best structure for your business, the best methods of profit extraction and plan the way to make your business worth the most it can be. Our goal is to ensure the maximum amount from your hard work ends up in your pocket.

  • Can I Meet You Before Becoming a Client?

    We’ll of course we would wish you to become a client now but no doubt you want to meet us first. We are always looking for new clients. We always take the time to visit people at their convenience and usually at their premises. It’s part of our philosophy to get to know you and your business better it’s always better to see these first hand and how things work for you. There is no cost or obligation for us to come and see you. Invest an hour of your time, you may be surprised at how our way of working is better for your business and pocket

  • How Can I Get in Touch With You?

    Easy, make contact. Call our office on 0117 9467333, email on mail@pbta.co.uk. Arrange a time convenient for you for one of us to visit or you to come to our office. These meetings take maximum of 90 minutes, we will discuss your business be it a new idea or a business your great grandparents set up, our oldest client was started in 1895. We are proud that in a least half of cases we can save you money there and then, often existing businesses are not structured as best as they can be. Use our advice, save money and never use us, we will be disappointed of course but we hope our goodwill means we gain your trust and you want to do business with us

  • Who Are Our Existing Clients?

    The range is wide. Large to small, across many different industries. Our biggest clients turnover 6m our smallest 20,000. We represent fields such as multimedia marketing, security, aerospace, telecoms, breweries, manufacturers, haulage, consultants and many others. You will find comments from our clients throughout this website, they are the most important thing in our business without them we don’t exist. We recently did our first independent survey of clients, they gave us an overall 83% satisfaction ratings, we are happy with this as a starting point but there is always room for improvement. We are also proud that we have clients from 35 different nations at last count, the UK is a truly global economy and that is represented by us having clients from every continent apart from Antarctica, but if you know any penguins with a property portfolio please let us know.

  • How do We Charge?

    First and most importantly you, the client, needs to know you aren’t on the clock. We don’t charge for you contacting us and asking our opinion on anything. Phone email text and we will find the information you want for free. When you meet with one of us you will get a fixed fee either there and then or in more complex cases within a day. That fee covers all the agreed work and as much of our time as is needed, plus using our skills and experience for those problems which crop up. We only ask that you use us in a fair manner, we have many clients so calling us 5 times a week means we are neglecting others and we treat all clients fairly and evenly.

  • How do we Take Payment?

    We do ask that all our fees are covered by a monthly standing order. This isn’t unusual in our industry but we were among the first to introduce it over 10 years ago
    It’s helps you and us in a variety of ways. It’s eases your cash flow, no large bill to cover. It eases our cash flow, we know how much income to expect each month and no awkward discussions about getting paid. Most importantly for us we spend no time chasing fees leaving more time to concentrate on providing our services.

  • What is The Process of Becoming a Client?

    The first meeting

    To arrange an initial no obligation meeting or an informal chat please call us on 0117 9467333, alternatively please email mail@pbta.co.uk.

    What next?

    During our initial meeting we will discuss the next steps; after the meeting we will provide you with a written fixed fee quote and a proposal for working together with all the paperwork to commence our appointment.

    Becoming a client

    The pack will include a ‘letter of engagement’. This sets out the work we are to undertake on your behalf, who will be handling your affairs and the fees to be charged.